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Dissolving Negative Thoughts and Emotions Using Open Focus™

In fight, flight or freeze mode our minds can get hijacked by negative thoughts and emotions. Without tools, it can be difficult to slow them down or stop them. Open Focus™ offers several ways slow down negativity then stop it in its tracks.

At this meetup you will experience guided meditations to:

  • Slow down negative thoughts and eventually stop them 
  • Dissolve the build up of negative emotions in the body 

With all of the meetups you’ll experience immediate stress relief and reduced pain.

Donations are welcome.

Before attending a meetup please go through this 2 minute how to feel space audio exercise.  

Learn how Open Focus™ can help you here.

Date and Time

Saturday, July  19th, 2014
2:00 pm to 3:00 pm


This will be an intimate event, so register early. To register join the meetup here.


In Palo, Alto, CA at 361 Kipling St, 94301

More Information

Telephone 510.573.2380 or email

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