The power to heal is innate


There is an innate and universal healing –  within and around us. As we clear the mental and physical toxins that cloud our minds and degrade our bodies, we begin to see more clearly. When toxins are seen clearly without judgement or resistance, they dissolve.

Open Focus™ and Neurofeedback with Mehul Gandhi creates:

… clarity of Body

… clarity of Mind

… clarity of Heart

Neurofeedback Sessions
A specialized device measures your brain waves. As you practice feeling space guided meditations the device provides insightful light and sound feedback allowing you to discern your own state of relaxed attention.
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Individual Sessions
Feeling Space Guided meditations to relax the body, reduce mental chatter and reduce the grip of emotions. 
Dissolving Sensation Practices that alleviate physical pain and dissolve negative emotions, including stress.
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On Going Weekly Calls
Learn to:
  • Shift your attention from narrow focus
  • Clear mental and emotional clutter
  • Gain flexibility so you can move between narrow and Open Focus™
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Feeling Space Meditation MP3s
Listen to this 2 minute how to simple feel space, volume and distance mp3. Then download a guided meditation to train relaxed attention with Open Focus™ when you subscribe to the newsletter.
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Setup a consultation to:
  • Learn how Open Focus™ can give you clarity
  • Expereince live guided medtation
  • Feel the impact of neurofeedback
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